Results of RMBI's satisfaction surveys are in

Thursday, 05 June 2014

Happy with our homes

After canvassing the opinions of residents and their families, the RMBI has revealed the results from its 2013 Satisfaction Surveys

Conducted among residents and their relatives across its seventeen care homes in England and Wales, the RMBI’s Satisfaction Surveys are a key indicator of the charity’s performance each year. They help to ensure that its services continue to meet the needs and expectations of those using them. 

Encouragingly, RMBI residents’ overall satisfaction levels remain consistent at 96%; 67% of whom are very satisfied – an increase from 61% in 2012. Relatives’ overall satisfaction levels also increased, from 92% to 96%. The RMBI gathered relatives’ opinions through its own independent survey, but the residents’ surveys were, for the first time, conducted through a new care sector initiative, Your Care Rating (YCR). 

Launched in 2012, YCR is an independent survey representing the views of residents from one thousand and fifty-five homes across more than thirty service providers. 

YCR provides service users and care homes with comparable data to inform decisions and is shared with the public and authorities.

RMBI’s Satisfaction Surveys cover key topics such as home environment, staff, food and drink, help and support, and communication and complaints. Overall, the RMBI saw year-on-year improvements in many areas. 

Asked about their home environment, 93% of RMBI residents said that overall they are happy living there – slightly above the average score indicated by YCR. Relatives were also positive, with 94% reporting they are happy with the welcome they receive as visitors. Both groups agree that staff treat them with dignity and kindness; the statement is supported by 97% of residents and 96% of relatives. 

In addition, 96% of residents are happy with the care and support provided, which is in line with YCR, and 91% say they are happy with their access to healthcare professionals. There was a notable increase in the number of residents agreeing that they have a say in how staff provide care and support – 81% in 2013 compared to 71% in 2012. Likewise, relatives gave more positive responses this year. 

The RMBI would like to thank all residents and relatives who participated in the surveys;  this input is vital in helping to ensure that the charity continues to deliver excellent care.

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