British Pie Week celebrated by RMBI care homes

Friday, 06 March 2015

Pie’d and tested

From the classic steak and kidney to the delicious apple and blackberry, families have been enjoying pies for years and last week was no different as the nation celebrated British Pie Week

Pies have become a symbol of British comfort food at its best and can be traced in history as far back as 2,500 BC. Usually enjoyed with lashings of gravy, spoonfuls of mashed potato or smothered in custard, the pie has at times come under fire for its high fat content. However, a recent paper published on the Open Heart website has criticised the guidelines issued in the 1980s which advised people to avoid eating fatty foods.

The paper questions whether saturated fats are as bad as we have been led to believe, and suggests that the link between fat and the increased risk of death may not to be valid.

Residents at Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) care homes certainly agree that eating meals containing butter and cheese as part of a balanced diet has been an enjoyable part of growing up. In fact, older people who consumed pies as part of their diet prior to the guidelines issued in the 1980s are amongst those living longer today.

Recipes and Reminiscences, the cookbook produced by the RMBI, contains 50 of the favourite recipes from residents and staff. Many of the recipes included in the cookbook contain dishes that were a nation favourite in their era, including Woolton Pie, a classic wartime dish of the 1940s that encouraged people to use whatever vegetables were available to them during the rationing period to create family meals.

At the RMBI, we place great importance on providing our residents with food that they grew up with and enjoy, including new dishes they have come to love. We create menus that provide residents with healthy and nutritious food for a balanced diet, including well-loved pie dishes.

Debra Keeling, Deputy Director of Care at the RMBI, said: 'We strive to deliver a high quality of life for all of our residents, and providing enjoyable food and drink is essential to this. Our residents are encouraged to put their menu ideas forward to ensure that we are catering to their individual tastes.

'British Pie Week is a great opportunity to bring our residents together through their mutual love of food.'

To mark British Pie Week, care home residents of the RMBI took part in a variety of pie-related activities – including tasting and baking sessions and recipe sharing – organised by our care homes’ Activities Coordinators.

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