Bike ride with a difference

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In November 2006, John Donoghue of St Aldhelm’s Lodge No.2559 in Dorset was admitted to Guy’s Hospital, where he donated a kidney to his daughter Tara. For John, it was a life-changing experience seeing first-hand the suffering of so many young people. Since then, John has participated in many fundraising ventures. Last year it was Freemasonry and the RMBI in particular that benefited.

John and his friend Trevor Woodford set off on their touring bikes from Gibraltar to Poole, a formidable distance of 1,500 miles. John raised funds for the 2014 RMBI Dorset Festival and Trevor for Cancer Research UK. The final total was more than £3,000 – approximately £2 per mile. The RMBI encourages everyone within the Festival to think of ways to raise money and is committed to offering as much support to all fundraisers as it can. When it comes to fundraising, John’s motto is very clear: ‘I believe that it’s an honour to be a mason and it’s our duty to try and make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.’

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