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Surrey mason Graham thanks RMTGB after receiving crucial assistance

Friday, 05 June 2015

In appreciation…

The RMTGB has received the following letter from Graham, a Freemason from Surrey. The Trust has provided support for him and his family since January 2014:

‘I was made redundant in 2012, and then while looking for a new job I suffered a heart attack. It has been a long road back to health and it has been difficult to secure another job. To make matters worse, in January of this year my wife was also made redundant. We expected our misfortune to have a detrimental effect on the well-being of our daughters, but the immeasurable support of the RMTGB means both children have had access to everything that they would have if my wife and I were working.

‘We are so grateful for the RMTGB’s help. The Trust doesn’t just offer financial assistance; they are there to empathise, and to discuss possible solutions to problems. Without the RMTGB, our daughters’ story may have been rather different.’

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