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Wednesday, 14 December 2011
The Scouts can look forward to increased membership thanks to a generous donation from the Grand Charity

In 2008, the Grand Charity donated £500,000 to The Scout Association with the aim of helping to encourage more young people to join the movement. Given over a five-year period, the donation would provide young people with opportunities for personal development and the chance to get involved with many exciting activities, as well as forging closer links between lodges and Scout Groups.

Since 2008, the grant has been used to support local Scouting, providing areas with start-up and activity grants, as well as much-needed equipment such as books and games. It is estimated that the Grand Charity’s grant has so far enabled 500,000 young people to receive new materials and equipment.

There are certain regions where young people want to join Scouting Groups, but insufficient resources and adult provision means that they have been unable to take part. However, thanks to the Grand Charity’s start-up grants, funding has been allocated to expand 250 new Scouting Groups each year and so far more than 3,500 young people have been able to join.

Success so far
Cambridgeshire is one such region that has recently been assisted with Grand Charity-sponsored start-up grants. ‘I hope that this funding will be available to other counties for similar projects and that they have the same or even higher levels of success,’ said Richard Hames, Cambridgeshire District Commissioner. ‘Twenty new members in a Beaver Colony with the associated leaders will grow into Cub and Scout sections, allowing even more people to join the Beavers. As these new sections become established and the first members work their way through the movement, the total number of people this money
can assist could be very considerable.’

As well as introducing more young people to Scouting, there has also been a desire to bring lodges and Scout Groups together. In Norfolk, Scouts are organising a weekend event for local Freemasons where it is hoped that up to 500 people will be able to attend. The aim of the event is to showcase local Scouting activities, as well as providing an opportunity for Freemasons and Scouts to learn more about one another. Many lodges already support their local Scout Group through help with volunteering or the loan of premises and outside spaces, and this grant is helping to further strengthen those ties.

If you would like to find out how you can get in touch with your local Scout Group, please contact The Scout Association on 0845 300 1818

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