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New RMTGB Scheme Supports Even More Young People

Wednesday, 01 December 2010
Growing up in poverty can reduce a child’s educational attainment and be harmful to their health. Stepping Stones, a new scheme launched by the RMTGB, provides grants to other registered charities seeking to alleviate poverty and, in doing so, remove some of the barriers to education which are faced by young people who are most in need. In 2010, Stepping Stones awarded grants totalling over £60,000 to five nonmasonic charities which will help around 200 children and their families. This funding will provide long-term benefits through the teaching of new skills and supporting initiatives such as mentoring, employment coaching and promoting healthy eating to schoolchildren in disadvantaged areas.
     In addition, a separate scheme will provide support towards the accommodation costs of students and graduates at a time when other financial assistance is very limited. The Ruspini and Burwood House Trusts will provide accommodation grants of up to £3,000 to the children or grandchildren of Freemasons.
     To be eligible for support, applicants need to be either postgraduates studying for a qualification that is highly beneficial for their careers, graduates undertaking unpaid work experience or students who need to undertake research away from their usual place of residence. This new scheme will operate alongside Ruspini House, the Trust’s existing student accommodation facility in central London which enables young people to take advantage of learning, training and work opportunities in the capital.
     With your support, the RMTGB will continue to help children who are most in need. For more information on the Trust or either of these schemes, including how to apply, please visit