MCF launch new video series 'Helping Hands'

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A new video series called Helping Hands sees local Freemasons spend a day volunteering with the local charities that have benefited from the MCF’s funding

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), inspired by stories of Freemasons regularly volunteering to support charitable causes within their local communities, has introduced a new video series called Helping Hands. The series highlights that when it comes to the masonic principle of relief, giving time is just as valuable as giving money. 

In the first episode, Cornwall Freemason Sebastian visited the Conquest Centre to learn about the charity’s equine activities for people with disabilities or disadvantages. He met beneficiaries and helped to collect eggs, groom horses and volunteer in the café on the farm. 

More recently, London Freemason and keen guitarist Tony travelled to Norwich to take part in a music and movement session for young adults with a wide range of disabilities and additional needs. The charity running the session, Musical Keys, recently received an MCF grant of £5,000 and was thrilled to welcome Tony along for the day.

‘It’s so important to us that Freemasons see how their funding can genuinely impact the lives of people within their communities,’ explained Musical Keys manager Alison. ‘It is well known that Freemasons have always been, and continue to be, incredibly generous with their funding for local and national charities, so for Tony to give us his time and join in with his guitar is a brilliant added bonus.’ 

Look out for more Helping Hands episodes over the next few months. Follow the MCF on social media or subscribe to its YouTube channel so you never miss a video: 

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