Masonic Samaritan Fund help sufferer of lymphedema and spinal stenosis

Friday, 14 December 2012

How the Masonic Samaritan Fund is giving a new lease of life to a Leicester couple...

Sue Jacobs suffers from lymphedema and spinal stenosis, which causes persistent agonising pain and weakness in her lower back. She suffered constant falls getting around her home and underwent major spinal surgery last year to prevent the gradual loss of feeling in her legs. The surgery has hopefully prevented further paralysis but has left her requiring a wheelchair. Her husband Mike’s search for help led him to the MSF, who welcomed an application for a wet room, entry ramps and a custom-designed power chair for Sue.

‘The support from MSF more than exceeded our expectations and has taken the burden of worry from our minds,’ said the Jacobs. The grant has given Sue a new lease of life, as she is now able to navigate her home unaided. ‘The wet room has given me my independence back and my power chair allows me to move around freely,’ said Sue. Mike is also delighted. ‘It felt like the MSF were bending over backwards to help Sue. We are so very grateful for their assistance and support.’

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