Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research thanks to £181k grant by Masonic Samaritan Fund

Wednesday, 09 July 2014

Research funded by the Masonic Samaritan Fund has successfully developed a blood test that could predict whether someone with early memory problems will develop Alzheimer’s within a year

The MSF awarded £181,723 to Alzheimer’s Research UK in 2011 to fully fund the first two years of Professor Lovestone’s research. This is a significant breakthrough in dementia research as it enables scientists to test potential new treatments on people with the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Previously, by the time people received a diagnosis and were able to take part in clinical trials their dementia had progressed beyond the point where useful insights into the treatment’s effectiveness could be captured.

The blood test will help researchers target groups of people for future studies, driving the search for new treatments forward and bringing us closer to a cure faster.

You can read more in news stories on the BBCTelegraph, and The Guardian and on Alzheimer's Research UK Blog. Listen to Prof Lovestone, the renowned study leader, talk more about his pioneering research on this podcast.

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