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Michael Portillo visits Cheltenham Masonic Hall on BBC's Great British Railway Journeys

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tim Henderson-Ross, Provincial Grand Master for Gloucestershire, welcomes the BBC's Michael Portillo to Cheltenham Masonic Hall

Last night's episode of Great British Railway Journeys featured a brief masonic cameo in the form of Tim Henderson-Ross, who discussed Freemasonry in Cheltenham with the presenter Michael Portillo.

The episode can be watched on iPlayer for the next 29 days here: 

Portillo arrives at Cheltenham Masonic Hall at around the 9min 30sec mark.

The full episode summary is as follows:

Michael Portillo heads for the sharp end of the Victorian industrial revolution at a needle manufactory in Redditch.

The Freemasons of Cheltenham invite Michael into their lodge to share the secrets of their society. In Gloucester, he learns how to make Gloucester cheese.

Continuing on to Highnam, Michael is glad to discover the beautiful Victorian Gothic church of Thomas Parry and to join the Gloucester Choral Society in a rendition of Jerusalem composed by Thomas's son Hubert.

You can read more about Freemasonry's historic links with our railways in this article by John Hamill from 2013: 

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